Are you looking for more than 10% growth?

Green Ant is a niche firm of strategists and business community builders. We exist to build business communities and to connect our clients with the people they need to meet. If you’re looking for 5-10% annual growth we’re probably not for you. But if you’re looking for 20%+ growth and you want to make a real difference, we’d like to explore the options with you.

Green ant group

01 Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help our clients to grow their profits and their lifestyles, and facilitate profit as a force-for-good on Planet Earth.

02 What We Believe

We believe that the world is an exceptional place and that every woman, man and child deserves the right to lead a joyful existence and that Profit can and should be used as a force for good on Planet Earth.

We stand for inclusion and we’ll never tolerate sexism, ageism or racism – ask Mandela!

It’s great to do things differently! Ask Steve Jobs!

We’re focused on real outcomes (like Singapore the country) for our clients, being an exceptional place to work and enjoying the journey every step along the way (ask the Dalai Lama!).

03 Our Client

Who we’re for:

We’re for clients who want to grow by a lot.

We’re for clients who want to make a difference

and who are willing to do things differently.

We’re for clients who want to build communities and long term relationships.

Some of the clients we’ve worked with:

In the early years, we had the privilege of helping Telstra build their Reseller Channel and of helping Westpac build their business community in Melbourne.

We supported Careers Multilist (then the largest recruitment franchise group in Australia) to grow, we supported Melbourne Business Network and TEDx Melbourne to grow their communities.


We’ve since spent a lot more time in the technology arena helping multiple technology providers including Datacom, a $1.2Bn technology enterprise, to expand their community and their client base.


One of our exciting opportunities has been to help Melbourne United to build out its entire business community of CEOs and executives, which now exceeds 3,000 businesses and more than 300 decision makers attending each one of their 5 major events per annum, leading to higher profitability of the club.

"In 2017 I had an amazing experience in Cambodia with Project Gen Z and Sunrise Children’s Village. The children from Sunrise opened my eyes to human potential, and the importance of free speech removed from subjectivity. This is what I want to champion in this world through Green Ant."

Eric Chan
General Manager
Green Ant

Eric PGZ pic

"My godmother Christina broke the laws of apartheid by moving in with me at my mother’s house following my mother's death when I was only 15. Here we are 20 years later in 2006, as equals, on a beach which was previously reserved for "Whites Only". Thank you Christina!"

Anthony Gaddie
CEO and Founder
Green Ant

Antony and Christina 2006



Building a community for profit and for purpose is a true privilege. We’ve enjoyed that privilege dozens and dozens of times over the past 14 years. From senior execs to business owners, BDMs and all the way through to non-executive directors.

The following people have attended one or more of our Invitation-Only events:

Ian Wishart
CEO, The Fred Hollows Foundation
Karen Hayes
CEO, Guide Dogs Victoria
Joan Fitzpatrick
Chairman of the Board, Recoveries Corporation, Emergency Services and State Super
Adam Centorrino
Managing Director, Centorrino Technologies
Julie Green
Non-Exec Director, RACV
Adam Jacoby
Founder, MiVote
Vince Crivelli
CEO, Melbourne United Basketball Franchise
Andrew Skillern
CEO, Hockey Victoria
Heather Maloney
CEO, Contact Point
Fiona Geminder
Director, Visy
Marcus Mandie
CEO, Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce Victoria
Stephanie Ryan
CEO, M2K Technologies
Chris Gillies
Chair, International Women's Forum
Nick Grinberg
Head of Strategy, GMG Digital
Bob Johnson
Former CEO, Pacific Access
Paul Dunn
Founder, B1G1. 4 x TEDx Speaker
Justin McFarlane
Founder, ReThink Sustainability
Susanne Legena
CEO, Plan International
Gerry Hueston
Chairman, Plan International
Mary Jensen
Founder, MPower Services
Scott Green
CEO, Aportio
Warren Steinicke
CEO, The CEO Institute VIC
Masami Sato
Founder, B1G1
Tony Sambell
Founder, Spicy Web
Greg Rudd
CEO, CREST Australia
James Tuckerman
Founder, Australian Anthill
Jenny Junkeer
CEO, Junkeer New Era Consulting
Russell Yardley
Executive Chairman, Powerhouse Ventures
Ron Gauci
CEO, Australian Information Industry Association
Jon Yeo
Head of TEDx Melbourne
Ken Sheargold
CEO, PM Partners
Dean Crawford
Category Marketing Manager, Simplot Australia